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Football Center at Dubai Sports City

Why Dubai Sports Council Academies Championship is the Best Football Championship in UAE?


Dubai Sports Council Academies Championship started 3 seasons ago being held at one venue, Dubai Sports City, accommodating roughly 50 teams from 13 academies. In our latest edition, DSCAC has seen a massive growth, now encompassing 25 academies competing with 100 teams in four different world class venues, Dubai Sports City, Al Wasl Club, Shabab Al Ahli Club and Shabab Al Ahli Mamzar.


Dubai Sports Council Academies Championship was created for not only the players, but the parents, the fans and the coaches. Although the players are the most vital part of this project, DSCAC understands that the Dubai life is a busy life, and a league that accommodates all participants, not just the players is what we strive to be. That said, player development still stands at the crux of our operation. DSCAC believes in providing not the most challenging, but the RIGHT challenge for the different levels of our players and teams. The RIGHT challenge is what DSCAC provides and the RIGHT challenge is what will give our players and coaches the most beneficial experience.

Benefits of DSCAC

Dubai Sports Council Academies Championship is not only a league but an organization that was developed for the players, coaches and supporters, to provide all involved with not just a great experience, but a beneficial experience. An experience that one comes out of with the feeling of having benefited, weather that benefit is through development, competition, community, personal growth, or a deep understanding and respect for the beautiful game of football and the competitors.

Future of DSCAC

Dubai Sports Council Academies Championship believes in a very bright future for the league, the players and the supporters. Our vision is to bring the youth community of football under one umbrella to grow, learn and share the values of football and competition in a safe, controlled environment. Although DSCAC has doubled in size since the previous edition, we believe there is room for more and we are willing and able to accommodate all who desire to belong in the shared vision and efforts into growing youth football in the UAE.

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